Tanning Drops
Tanning Drops

Tanning Drops

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Customize your tan with our lightweight tanning drops that quickly absorb and create a lovely sun-kissed tan. With a concentrated formula, the drops build up with each application, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Mix 1-3 drops with your regular face cream or 3-6 drops with your body lotion before applying on clean and dry skin. Thoroughly wash your hands after each application. Can be used daily until your desired tan is achieved.

・Safe and long-lasting tan
・100% vegan and cruelty-free
・Avoid exposing your skin to harmful UV light
・100% control of the depth of your tan based on the number
of drops used

Active ingredients in Tanning Drops


It has anti-inflammatory effects and soothing properties while strengthening and smoothing the skin.


Helps boost glowing skin and provide moisture, improving the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss.


A vegetable oil full of fatty acids to maintain healthy skin while hydrating and leaving the skin shiny.

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Tanning Drops

Elevate your tanning game with our customizable tanning drops, designed for those who crave a sun-kissed glow without compromising on safety or ethics. Our lightweight tanning drops are a game-changer, swiftly absorbing into your skin to craft a beautiful tan that's uniquely yours.

These drops boast a concentrated formula that allows your tan to gradually intensify with each application, resulting in skin that's not only beautifully bronzed but also luxuriously soft and smooth.

Achieving your dream tan has never been easier – simply mix 1-3 drops with your daily face cream or 3-6 drops with your body lotion. Apply this blend onto clean, dry skin, and remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterward. You can seamlessly incorporate this into your daily routine until you achieve your desired level of radiance.

What makes our tanning drops even more enticing: They provide a safe and long-lasting tan, sparing you from harmful UV exposure. Our product is proudly 100% vegan and cruelty-free, reflecting our commitment to animal welfare. You have complete control over your tan's depth, depending on the number of drops you use.

Glow Collection Tanning Box

Glow Collection Tanning Box

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  • Roze Tanning Mitt
  • Whipped Tanning Mousse - Instant, 200 ml
  • Tanning Mist Spray, 150 ml
  • Natural Tanning Lotion, 200 ml
  • Tanning Drops, 30 ml

Step into a world of irresistible radiance with Roze Avenue Glow Collection that not only leave you with a flawless tan but also with a clear conscience. Our "Glow Collection" is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, crafted with you in mind.


"I always end up swearing by your Volume dry shampoo, especially perfect when you have fine hair."

Emma S.

"World's best products with the world's best scent."

Sophia R.

"I'm absolutely in love with your products, so I had to try the new serum. Wow, my hair, which used to be so dry, has become soft. And when combined with the other products, magic happens."

Mia G.

"My hair had been dry and dull for a long time. My hairdresser recommended Roze's hair treatment, and I'll never use anything else again."

Isabella M.

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